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Responsible time management software for the company level powered by machine learning.

About us

About Time is Ltd

Discover what is below the surface of your company. Unlock hidden gems of the company success patterns. We track your time through calendars and other tools that support your business.

  • Vision - Change the perspective on time and incentivize the wise use of time.
  • Mission - Empower companies to take the responsibility over the time management and prevent the unproductive use of time that can never be retrieved.

Supported Technologies

Our Services to help optimize your team’s time

Treat your time capital wisely. Track company time expenses and discover a vividly painted picture of the organization time use. Time is Ltd. inspires companies to tackle time issues systematically on the organizational level.

Company Effectiveness

Prevent dysfunctional meeting behavior by incentivizing the individual responsibility of using the time wisely.

Internal Meetings

An hour of prevention is worth days of cure. Do you have enough time chunks in your calendar to do your job?


Discover cross-industry effective patterns. Collected anonymized knowledge empowers all of us to do a better job.

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